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Our cleaning process can be mapped out like this.

Amazing Carpet Cleaning At Affordable Prices

1 We Are A Registered Carpet Cleaning Company
Our services are among the most sought after by residential as well as commercial customers in and around the surrounding areas. The Company has stuck to the policy of using tools and products that are not only certified but also eco-friendly in cleaning carpets.
2We’re one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in our area
Thus far, we have offered our cleaning services for around 10 years. The cleaners working for us boast of many years of experience in cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery for customers in Birmingham and the surrounding region
3What We Do Differently
Fast drying in under 2 hours Green and safe cleaning that eliminates risks to children and pets Advanced cleaning technology Eliminating most stains, spills and spots Same day cleaning services Professional and certified technicians Customer satisfaction guaranteed
4We Try And Make Sure Each Clean Is Just As Good
Our attempt has always been to focus on the provision of excellent carpet cleaning services to all our customers. To achieve this, all our cleaning services revolve around the hot carbonation extraction method. The method is the finest in the industry in terms of the equipment used as well as the solutions offered.
5Hot Water Extraction Method
The beauty of the hot water extraction method is that it uses less water compared to steam cleaning. Consequently, our customers can look forward to using their carpets within hours instead of having to wait for several days, which is the situation with steam cleaning. The hot water extraction method guarantees sparkling clean carpets within hours.
6Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
While on the issue of cleaning products and supplies, our customers never have to worry about their safety and health. This is because of the decision we made to only use cleaning supplies and products that are green-certified. In addition to this, the products are not only safe but also non-toxic for children and pets alike. It’s common to find cleaners using some harmful chemicals. However, you’ll never find any harmful product among the cleaning materials that we use. The list of harmful supplies that you’ll never find in our cleaning supplies when providing our services in this region and the surrounding areas include the following: Soaps Detergents Solvents Enzymes Harsh chemicals We don’t believe in cleaning carpets and rugs using bleaching or brightening chemicals. This is because of the understanding that we have regarding the ability of such chemicals to cause untold damages to the carpets. We appreciate the fact that Birmingham is one of the youngest cities in Europe. Four out of every ten people in the city are younger than 25-year-old. Moreover, the city is one of the ‘greenest’ in the United Kingdom. For these reasons, we believe that it’s important to play our part in ensuring that it doesn’t lose it’s greenness by providing top carpet cleaning services.
7We De Odourise Your Carpets
Where the carpet reeks of odours that make it nauseating to stay in the office or home for long, you should not hesitate to call us for immediate solutions. We clean the carpets thus ensuring the complete elimination of all the strange odours.

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